Training of laboratory personnel 

Training to keep staff updated on the skills needed to meet business demands, address changing industry trends, and use new technologies is a mission-critical component of any lab-based organization. Lab managers can get the most out of training programs by being proactive in identifying relevant training needs, leveraging networks of training experts, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. This article features advice from three training experts on best practices for the effective design and implementation of training programs, including how to promote knowledge transfer back to the lab bench.

Quality Assurance means that the end user must have thorough training to operate the analyzers. Quality Lab Supplies does not take any risks. When purchasing a new analyzer, the Operation Training in Miami is provided by professionals from Erba. Although the analyzers are inexpensive, the end user is given the opportunity to receive training in Miami. This is completely free. 

The first training took place in the week of June 6, 2016 in Miami.

    Training options 
Quality Lab Supplies NV is aware that lab employees must be well trained in operating the Analyzers, in order to get the best results and to keep the equipment in good condition. We therefore create opportunities for our customers to properly train their lab managers and analysts. In the near future, the lab managers where our devices are installed will have the opportunity to qualify at one of our training centers in USA, Mexico, Germany, India and the Czech Republic. 

Different types of training are possible: 
1. Operator training 
The operators of the Analyzers are trained to operate the device. This is usually done on the spot for the large group.  
2. Application Training 
The lab manager is then trained in creating applications, detecting application errors and gaining insight into the analyzer's software. 
3. Maintenance Training 
One of the lab employees is trained in preventive maintenance of the Analyzers. 
4. Service Training 
The Service Engineer of Quality Lab Supplies NV is trained in installation, programming, maintenance and repair of the Analyzers supplied by Quality Lab Supplies NV.