Specimen Containers & Collection Cups

Our line of cups and specimen containers have been specifically designed for the collection of urine specimens. The sizes range from 3.5 to 6.5 ounce, which is the ideal sample size for urine testing procedures. Our economical collection cups are widely used in doctors offices and collection sites where testing is done immediately. Our screw-cap specimen containers are leak-resistant and are perfect for the storage and local transport of specimens.

Specimen Container, 4oz, with Full Turn Green Attached Screwcap, ID Label, PP, Graduated, Sterile, Individually Wrapped  Drug Test Container, 90mL, Wide Mouth, Attached White Screwcap, STERILE, Tab-Seal Patient ID Label & Celsius Thermometer Strip, PP  Container: Tite-Rite, Wide Mouth, 90mL (3oz), PP, 53mm Opening, Graduated, with Separate White Screwcap


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