Chemistry Analyzers 

Erba XL 1000

Automated high throughput random access analyzer, it offers continuous sample loading facility using racks. Contrary to other automatic analyzers, the sample loading is automatic instead of manual thereby enhancing precision.

    • Throughput of upto 1040 tests/hour with ISE- 800 photometric tests/ hr and 240 tests/ hr with ISE
    • Permanent hard glass cuvettes – requiring no replacement for upto 4-5 years
    • Direct ISE measurement for Na/K/Cl/Li (optional)
    • Auto re-run, auto dilution, reflex testing
    • Probes with clot detection & Vertical Obstruction Detection feature
    • Low reagent/test consumption -requires reagent volume of just 150 µL, thereby proving to be cost effective for laboratories
    • Extensive Quality Control menu  (L-J chart, twin plot, QC rules) 

     XL 1000

    Automated High Throughput Random Access Analyzer, it offers continuous sample loading facility using racks.

    The Erba XL 180 is an automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer – the perfect solution for a small laboratory to bridge the gap from manual to automation.

  • Compact bench top model with a wide test menu
  • Reagent savings as it requires only 180 µl
  • Auto dilution and auto rerun
  • Extensive QC programme with Levey Jennings programme and QC rules
  • On board cooling
  • Optional barcode reader for sample & reagent
  • Preheated sample & reagent probe 
  •  The Erba XL 200 is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests/hr.

    •  Permanent hard glass cuvettes 
    • 30 position reagent tray with on-board cooling
    • Convenient software and extensive quality control menu
    • Automated pipetting of reagent & sample by robotic arm
    • Immersion mixing with user defined, variable speeds ensures thorough mixing
    • Reagent savings as several chemistries can be done with reagent volume as low as 180 µl
    • On board laundary & cooling
    • Auto dilution and auto rerun
    • Quality control with multiple rules

    The Erba XL 640 is a fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer with throughput of 600 tests/hr with I.S.E (Na/K/Cl).

     Bar coded reagents and sample identification minimizes programming time 

  • Sapphire oump for improved precision and accuracy
  • Permanent hard glass cuvettes
  • Offers a wide choice of 50 different on-board tests
  • Cooled reagent tray to hold 50 bar coded bottles
  • Specially designed “Twin layered” sample disk
  • Probes with Vertical Obstruction Detection facility
  • Primary tubes sampling with bar coding
  • Capability to perform 2 reagent tests
  • Economical 200 µl reagent consumption / test
  • Low D.I water consumption
  •  Hematology Analyzer

     Elite 580

    The 2280 is a fully automated 22 parameter CBC system for medium sized laboratories with a throughput of 80 samples per hour.

    The 2280 is a fully automated 22 parameter CBC system for medium sized laboratories with a throughput of 80 samples per hour. It has state of the art patented platelet counting technique.


    • 22 parameters, 2 scatter grams and 2 histograms
    • Short sample detection
    • Proprietary laser technology, 5 part WBC differential
    • Impedance technology for cell counting
    • Sample size flexibility satisfies a wide range of end user requirements
    • QC with Levey-Jennings charts
    • Easy to use software gives rapid access to all patient information including full blood counts, demographics and patient history
    • Programmable automatic startup and shutdown procedures
    • Multi-language capability


    Analyzer Elite 3

    The Erba Elite 3 is an advanced 3 part differential analyser with 20 parameters.


    Analyzer Elite 5

    The Erba Elite 5 is an advanced 5 part differential analyser with 24 parameters.

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